SUCCESS HABITS: Rev Sam Adeyemi.


Success is the achievement of God’s set goals for your life.

Habits are those things we do consistently and almost without thinking. Though we do not decide our destiny directly, we decide on our habits. Our habits determine our character and our character determines our destiny. We can therefore say that godly habits bring about success.

Note that if you do something consistently for 21 days, it becomes a habit. If you have a bad habit, the best way to overcome it is to override it with a good habit.

Every human being has different habits that shape their characters differently. But to be a successful person, there are certain habits you need to develop. Without them success will only be a mirage.

I want to share some of these habits with you.

Meditation: Meditation means to roll over in thought. When you meditate, you align all your senses to focuse on a particular thing, which could be an idea or a word or even a picture. If you are too busy to think, then you are too busy to succeed. Set aside a time, daily or at least weekly, that you will meditate on the word of God.

Prayer: People who succeed supernaturally make it a habit to pray. Hearing from God guarantees total life success. It is better to talk to God about our challenges than complain about them. Pray with faith and thanksgiving in your heart.

Responsibility: This is your ability to respond to different situations. It is not what happens to us that hurt or affect us; it is the way we choose to respond to situations. You can choose not to blame anybody or any circumstance for your present predicament and you will find yourself making decisions and taking actions that will lead you to success. Act rather than react.

Self- improvement: How you daily improve on yourself is what makes you outstanding. Take out time to listen to tapes and read. Statistics show that if you read for one hour daily in your area of specialty for 2 to 3 years, you become an authority. In 5 years you will be among the top 5%, in 10 years, you will be among the top 1%.

Positive talk: Successful people will correct the language of one who speaks negatively. Death and life are in the power of the tongue; talk life! Positive talk puts your mind to work; you will never be stranded because you will always be able to figure a way out.

The Seed principle: It is also called the law of cause and effect. The harvest of today are the results of seeds planted yesterday, there is no cause without an effect. Everyone with a seed has a guaranteed future with God. The death of a seed is the burial of a forest.

Persistence: This is the attitude of not giving up until you achieve the desired results. Persistence wears out your challenges. To persist means to continue doing something in spite of difficulty or opposition. Everybody desires to succeed but unfortunately not everybody does. Not because they cannot, but because they did not persist or persevere.

Action orientation: Nothing moves until you move it. Fear causes you to delay action but action delayed is destiny denied, destiny denied is the devil’s delight. You destiny will not be denied.

Planning: Planning is thinking ahead. When preparation meets opportunity, success is achieved. Planning helps you to solve problems up front. Planning makes you see ahead and when you see ahead, you can win ahead.

Service: You need to be passionate about what to give rather than what to get. When you are out just to get, you may fail, but when you share of yourself, you multiply. Serve others with you gifts. Even if you are not paid for it at first, continue serving and at the end of the day you will surely be rewarded.


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