The Deadly Craze: Men who purposefully catch HIV

The Deadly Craze: Men who purposefully catch HIV: image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty images
The men who want the virus are called “bug chasers,” and the men who freely give the virus to them are called
“gift givers.”

The world has seen many a fad, but recently, a very disturbing one has surfaced. A certain group of

males has made a sport of contracting, and spreading the HIV Virus.

Dangerous? Extremely. But that seems to be exactly where the appeal lies.  According to Star Media

Online, a US website which promotes meetings of bug-chasers and gift-givers who are already HIV

positive already boasts  over 5,000 members. “Now, hundreds of men are introducing themselves

on online forums, Facebook groups and Twitter. They meet up and try to transmit the potentially

life-threatening virus.”

One of the many shared ideologies of the group, is that contracting the disease is actually improving

their quality of life, because of the pills that they need to take. Apparently the disease is no longer a

threat to ones well-being, and is seen as “Not a big deal”.
The general consensus is that as long as the participants are 100% consensual, nothing can be done

to stop the group from “Spreading the love”.

A member was quoted, “If you brought me a person I had infected and sat them in front of me I

would probably feel some guilt over it if they hadn’t been educated about the risks. But all the people

I have had sex with have made educated decisions.”

The question remains, is a disease that eventually morphs into the deadly AIDs virus an appropriate

means for eroticism?


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