Tears as another actor dies in Nollywood


The Nigerian movie industry, globally known as Nollywood has been hit again by another tragedy, as actor, Ray Daniels Okeugo is said to have died.

The late actor died at the age of 33 on Friday, October 25, after a brief illness. He was also a professional photographer before his death.

Before going into photography, Ray Daniels Okeugo featured in several soap operas and home videos.

He’s also one of the founding members of the Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers and was strongly involved in the organisation’s activities.

A statement by the organisation described Okeugo as a man who will be remembered for his unquenchable energy and one who exudes the demeanour of “the last man standing.”

“Everyone who knew him can attest to the fact that he carried within him an undying urge towards selflessness. He made himself readily available and good to go no matter the situation. We will miss him everyday henceforth, and nothing will ever be the same with his indefinite absence.”

Okeugo’s burial arrangement will be announced by the Lagos Chapter of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria, led by Victor Osuagwu.


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