Dangote rated among 10 most valuable African brands

As a measure of its growing influence on the continent, the Dangote Group has emerged among Africa’s top 10 most valuable brands in a survey carried out by the African Business Magazine, a pan-African business publication.

In the survey tagged: ‘The Brand Africa 100 table,’ Dangote emerged as the most valuable brand in the consumer goods sector with an African brand value of 216, according to a statement by the group on Monday.

However, the brand emerged the eighth most valuable brand when placed against brands from other sectors.

The Brand Africa 100 table was established in 2011 in recognition of the growth of  African brands, which were beginning to challenge global brands on the continent, or lead global brands in new categories such as telecommunications.

Commenting on the recognition of Dangote brand, the magazine stated, “…what is perhaps a little more surprising is that Dangote, the largest manufacturing conglomerate in West Africa, and Globacom, the Nigeria-based telecommunication provider, are also on the list. Both brands have managed to win the hearts of the communities in which they operate.”

Declaring brands as an asset, the magazine stated that the aim of Brand Africa 100 was to identify, acknowledge and promote African and global brands that were catalysts for the continent’s growth, reputation and value.

Explaining its method at arriving at the ranking, the publishers of the magazine said, “The study involved a comprehensive research among consumers 18 years and older, living in representative countries in metropolitan sub-Sahara African regions to draw up a list of the most admired African and global brands in Africa. Each respondent was asked to mention the five local and global brands they admired.”


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