Oduahgate: Another agency, FAAN under fire for buying N120m Lexus Limousines, Jeeps for minister

Stella Oduah2

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has also come under fire for purchasing vehicles on behalf of the Aviation minister. George Uriesi, CEO of FAAN said the agency bought Lexus Limousines for the embattled minister at a cost of N60 million each. He also told the Senate Committee on Aviation that the agency also bought two Prado SUVs for the minister, however he said he did not know the cost.

Uriesi also claimed he was not signatory to the transactions and the vehicles were in the custody of the bank that did the lease financing. Uries did not mention the name of the bank. Chairman of the Senate Committee gave the FAAN boss until Monday to return with documents related to the transaction.

Also the House Committee investigating the BMW scandal is said to have physically cited the vehicles at the Abuja airport, ending speculations that the purchase was merely a paper transaction.

Oduah who is expected to appear before the House committee today at the National Assembly asked for more time as her travel logistics from Israel and BASA business was still ongoing in the country. She asked that her scheduled appearance be postponed to November 4th.

However the Rep committee did not acede to her request, instructing that she appear today unfailingly or face the sanctions, including a bench warrant.


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