Governor Amaechi explains why he decided to join APC

Governor Rotimi Amaechi has explained why he joined the opposition All Progressive Congress, APC.

According to him, the aggrieved governors on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, defected because President Goodluck Jonathan failed to address several issues raised by the group.

Amaechi who spoke on Wednesday at the Port Harcourt International airport, Omagwa, assured that the APC would protect the interest of all Rivers state people, adding that the state had suffered untold neglect under the Jonathan’s administration.

“Rivers State must know that for me to have taken that decision, I had looked at the general interests of Rivers people. I was not elected to lead Nigeria, I was elected to lead Rivers State and I had looked at the interests of Rivers people and have seen that these interests were not protected in PDP.

“I have seen the fact that we are losing our oil wells in Etche, in the Kalabari areas and that the more they continue to pilfer these oil wells, the more we will continue to lose our wealth”, he said.

“The decision we took to join APC is for the good, the survival of our democracy and to ensure that Nigeria moves forward.

“I joined APC to protect Rivers interests. I have no personal quarrel with President Jonathan and his office but ultimately, I was elected and have the responsibility to lead Rivers State, to lead Rivers people and protect its interests and it’s important we put that in perspective.

“When he fell ill in London recently, I was on twitter praying for him and wished him well. He’s my President and I respect him.”

The governor who insisted that there was no wrangling with Jonathan said he did not join the APC to spite the president but for the interest of the state.


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