Kate Henshaw, Dan Foster walk out of Nigeria’s Got Talent

Dan Foster

Dan Foster

The Nigeria’s Got Talent reality show took a surprising turn when, during the Port Harcourt audition, two of the judges, Kate Henshaw and Dan Foster walked out of the show when a contestant refused to stop singing after he was asked to do so.

The contestant, who gave his name as ‘Heaven’ sang Asa’s song ‘Eye Adaba’, but before he could finish Kate and Dan halted him because they felt he was singing off  key and shouldn’t have been at the show in the first place.

The third judge, Yibo however  encouraged ‘Heaven’ to continue singing but Kate raised her voice saying, ‘There is no heaven here, stop singing and get off the stage or else  I will leave.” She eventually left when the contestant refused to leave the stage.

Dan Foster, who left the stage immediately after Henshaw left, said, “Is it by force to sing”.

Heaven was left with Yibo, who finally disqualified him and asked him to try again next time as his vote won’t be enough to keep him in the show.

Heaven, however, did not feel bad but condemned what Kate Henshaw did, saying she was very rude and in the history of Nigeria’s Got Talent, there has never been a situation that two judges had to leave the stage because a contestant didn’t sing very well’

“It happened in my time. Heaven is my name,” he said.


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