Woman disowns her homosexual cat

Cat: image by REX/Steve Back

A Nasarawa state resident has publicly disowned her feline companion of 7 years.

She is convinced that the cat may be a homosexual, after she noticed his “unnatuaral advances” to cats of his same gender.

Bull, the shamed cat, was apparently witnessed showing gay tendencies not only by his owner, but by the neighbours as well, who attested that regardless of the presence of several female cats, Bull preffered acts that were “a contradiction to the laws of nature.”

Leadership reported, “The cat owner who expressed a strong belief in the divine purpose of creating male and female of every creature to fulfil an ordained purpose of procreation said, “anybody interested in this gay cat can have it because I have no further use of it.””

Bull is the first cat ever outed by it’s owner


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