10 Crazy Things We Love About Lagos

The ying of the lagos yang

Joedams' Blog

Lagos, Traffic, Crazy, City

In Lagos city, being normal is crazy, in a way. So it is not out of place to witness some cracked up scenes which, in normal climes, it will be out of place but here in our city, we take them as normal occurrences. And boy, we love our Lagos. Lagos is quite a unique place to live in. It is only in Lagos city that you find that things are done in a unique way.

We have our passion for Pomo, that delicious cow skin that is an indispensable part of our meals; at every street corner, you find the woman that roasts Boli, (plantain), and groundnut, the street fast food that does a lot service for hustling guys; every street has two or three beer palour that serves drinks soaked in water coolers that serves as refrigerators; not to talk of the accompanying pepper soups with all kinds…

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