Sept 1, 1994…20 years later, I could say i was part of history.


The days leading to Sept 1, 1994 would have been like every other day, save for the fact that my dad was all about how a young man from our hometown (agenebode, Edo state) is gonna make history with the launch of the first private radio station in Nigeria and how he would revolutionalize the airwaves. All through the 31st of August, it was anticipation as we awaited 12 midnight. We had the radio on in the night as the anticipation got to fever pitch and my dad was constantly tuning the radio to ensure we were on the right frequency (100.5). Radios weren’t so digital then as we have it now. My elder brothers and mom were all awake. Then 12 midnight came and my dad tuned again, he got the knob on the frequency perfectly now because it wasn’t *shhhhh* we have been listening to since that we heard again, instead it was a no sound, our hearts pounding, and then we heard a light musical sound and then the unmistakable voice of Olusesan Ekisola….WOWW!!! Who could have missed his voice, he was the superstar of OGBC 2 (Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation), the only radio station that me and my siblings listened to in our home then. Mr Ekisola welcomed the listeners and introduced those in the studio. If my memory serves me right, the following were in the studio: Kenny Ogungbe, Busola Faiga, Yemi Adenuga, Ambrose Somide, Dennis “the menace” Ogi, Segun “shy shy” Shillon, Steve “the slick” Kadiri etc. Also the very first commercial was aired at exactly 12.30 am, can’t remember what was advertised anyways. Also i remember Kenny Ogungbe coming on air at about 1.25 – 1.30 am that night. Hmmmmm… heart is pounding so fast as I type this, because I never knew I could remember this much or even write about it later in life *giggles*.
It’s so refreshing and beautiful as I look back and could say I was part of that historic night, reason being that if there were no listeners like us, then the history wouldn’t have been completed, as all the presenters would have been talking to themselves.
Ray Power has come a long way (I used to call them “Rail Power” then *coversface*). The station not only provided a platform for unbiased news reporting but also took entertainment via the airwaves to a whole new level – power play, sunnyside up, soul serenade, ray power jams etc….OMG, am gonna cry o, with these memories. I learnt virtually the whole of lagbaja’s album (coolu temper) by listening to songs from the album on Ray Power. Telephone companies of that time would forever be grateful to Ray Power because of the phone-in programs that were introduced. No doubt, their revenues went up. My elder brother (Steve Adams) later in November that same year started working with the station. Am sure he was the youngest staff then. This was the period before he got admission into the university, so he spent like 6 months there. His swagger went sky high during this time *teethopened*. Some other early staff such as Pauline Ugbodaga, Godwin Asuquo, Emmanuel Omola, Bashiru Adisa, Sule Ellams, Becky Ellams, Orlando Ellams, etc made the station a stand out station. I could go on and on, but then it’s been really uplifting reliving these memories. I won’t forget to mention the introduction of our very own hometown talk program (Afemai ne’khai) sometime around October or November of 1994. It was then hosted by the amiable Agnes Nwabuwa. The program is still on the air and it would be celebrating its 20th anniversary soon. I was at its 10th anniversary celebration 10years ago when it was held in the premises of DAAR communications in Alagbado. I went with my dad (Chief Adamson) and of course with the former ray power staff, my brother (Steve Adams). 20 years later, it all seems like yesterday. Ray Power has grown in leaps and bounds giving birth to about 30 more radio stations across the country and AIT, DaarSat, Faaji FM. Am having a huge dose of nostalgia but it’s a very good one and am mighty glad to have had the opportunity to be part of history. The very best part of the life of Ray Power is just starting. Happy 20th Anniversary.
Long Live Chief Raymond Dokpesi!
Long Live Ray Power!!
Long Live DAAR Communications!!!


Joseph Adams

Media Enthusiast and CEO Eclectic Media.


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