Sept 1, 1994…20 years later, I could say i was part of history.


The days leading to Sept 1, 1994 would have been like every other day, save for the fact that my dad was all about how a young man from our hometown (agenebode, Edo state) is gonna make history with the launch of the first private radio station in Nigeria and how he would revolutionalize the airwaves. All through the 31st of August, it was anticipation as we awaited 12 midnight. We had the radio on in the night as the anticipation got to fever pitch and my dad was constantly tuning the radio to ensure we were on the right frequency (100.5). Radios weren’t so digital then as we have it now. My elder brothers and mom were all awake. Then 12 midnight came and my dad tuned again, he got the knob on the frequency perfectly now because it wasn’t *shhhhh* we have been listening to since that we heard again, instead it was a no sound, our hearts pounding, and then we heard a light musical sound and then the unmistakable voice of Olusesan Ekisola….WOWW!!! Who could have missed his voice, he was the superstar of OGBC 2 (Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation), the only radio station that me and my siblings listened to in our home then. Mr Ekisola welcomed the listeners and introduced those in the studio. If my memory serves me right, the following were in the studio: Kenny Ogungbe, Busola Faiga, Yemi Adenuga, Ambrose Somide, Dennis “the menace” Ogi, Segun “shy shy” Shillon, Steve “the slick” Kadiri etc. Also the very first commercial was aired at exactly 12.30 am, can’t remember what was advertised anyways. Also i remember Kenny Ogungbe coming on air at about 1.25 – 1.30 am that night. Hmmmmm… heart is pounding so fast as I type this, because I never knew I could remember this much or even write about it later in life *giggles*.
It’s so refreshing and beautiful as I look back and could say I was part of that historic night, reason being that if there were no listeners like us, then the history wouldn’t have been completed, as all the presenters would have been talking to themselves.
Ray Power has come a long way (I used to call them “Rail Power” then *coversface*). The station not only provided a platform for unbiased news reporting but also took entertainment via the airwaves to a whole new level – power play, sunnyside up, soul serenade, ray power jams etc….OMG, am gonna cry o, with these memories. I learnt virtually the whole of lagbaja’s album (coolu temper) by listening to songs from the album on Ray Power. Telephone companies of that time would forever be grateful to Ray Power because of the phone-in programs that were introduced. No doubt, their revenues went up. My elder brother (Steve Adams) later in November that same year started working with the station. Am sure he was the youngest staff then. This was the period before he got admission into the university, so he spent like 6 months there. His swagger went sky high during this time *teethopened*. Some other early staff such as Pauline Ugbodaga, Godwin Asuquo, Emmanuel Omola, Bashiru Adisa, Sule Ellams, Becky Ellams, Orlando Ellams, etc made the station a stand out station. I could go on and on, but then it’s been really uplifting reliving these memories. I won’t forget to mention the introduction of our very own hometown talk program (Afemai ne’khai) sometime around October or November of 1994. It was then hosted by the amiable Agnes Nwabuwa. The program is still on the air and it would be celebrating its 20th anniversary soon. I was at its 10th anniversary celebration 10years ago when it was held in the premises of DAAR communications in Alagbado. I went with my dad (Chief Adamson) and of course with the former ray power staff, my brother (Steve Adams). 20 years later, it all seems like yesterday. Ray Power has grown in leaps and bounds giving birth to about 30 more radio stations across the country and AIT, DaarSat, Faaji FM. Am having a huge dose of nostalgia but it’s a very good one and am mighty glad to have had the opportunity to be part of history. The very best part of the life of Ray Power is just starting. Happy 20th Anniversary.
Long Live Chief Raymond Dokpesi!
Long Live Ray Power!!
Long Live DAAR Communications!!!


Joseph Adams

Media Enthusiast and CEO Eclectic Media.


I Never had a University Degree But I’m One Of The Richest Women Today – Mrs Folorunsho Alakija

I Never had a University Degree But I’m One Of The Richest Women Today – Mrs Folorunsho Alakija

CEO of  Famfa Oil, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija while speaking to the students of the University of Lagos during the 2014 UN International Youths Day in Lagos advised the students to be focused and work hard towards what ever they feel they want in life as she didn’t  have a University degree but today, is one of the richest women in the world.


Find Mrs Folorunsho ‘s full speech below.

“I come from Ikorodu, Lagos state. I am married to a dashing young lawyer of 70 years of age and we have four grown up gentlemen and grandchildren. It has not been a rag to riches fairytale. It has not been an overnight phenomenon like some cases which you find here and there all over the world. For as long as I can remember, I had always wanted my own business. Hard work…am trying to tell you how I got to where I am if you want those billions. Hard work, diligence, persistence…days where you nearly gave up but I chose not to give up.” Continue…

It would have been easy to compromise but I chose not to and I stayed focus. I could have stayed a secretary as my father desired according to his plan for me but I had bigger aspirations. I dreamt big. God strengthened me and gave me wisdom. I had a passion and burning desire to succeed. Being a secretary, a banker, a fashion icon, a cooperate promoter and printer, a real estate owner, an oil magnate, that I can assure you was no easy feat. Firm belief that what is worth doing is what doing well or not doing at all. I took charge of my life with the tools I have shared with you. I chose to become born again at the age of 40. I chose to make a covenant with God that if he would bless me I would work for him all the days of my life. I chose to hold on to the cross and look up to him every step of the way. Today additional accomplishment includes a wife of almost 40 years, a mother, grandmother, ministry, counseling, outreach, NGO Rose of Sharon Foundation for widows and Author, writer, author of several inspirational books. All I say to the glory of God. So I am 63 and I am not yet done. So what is your excuse? I never went to a University and I am proud to say so because I don’t think I have done too badly. You do not have to have a University education to be able to make it so count yourselves privileged to have that education as part of the feather in your cap” she said.

Photos: Fashola commissions newly built tejuosho market

Lagos state Governor, Raji Fashola today August 15th commissioned the newly refurbished Tejuosho market in Yaba Lagos, 7 years after the old market structure was completely gutted by fire.
The refurbished market, which used to have 1,484 lockup, has been increased to 2,640. Facilities in the new market complex includes banking spaces, 8 lifts to enable goods, services and people move up, two escalators for up and down movement of people, two ramps designed to assist physically handicapped people to get into and out of the building and a crèche where nursing mothers can attend to and keep their children while they are trading.

There is also a dedicated Fire Service Station within the complex with fire fighting systems built in the market to forestall any incident of fire disaster as well as a dedicated 800-vehicle capacity car-park unit.



Woman disowns her homosexual cat

Cat: image by REX/Steve Back

A Nasarawa state resident has publicly disowned her feline companion of 7 years.

She is convinced that the cat may be a homosexual, after she noticed his “unnatuaral advances” to cats of his same gender.

Bull, the shamed cat, was apparently witnessed showing gay tendencies not only by his owner, but by the neighbours as well, who attested that regardless of the presence of several female cats, Bull preffered acts that were “a contradiction to the laws of nature.”

Leadership reported, “The cat owner who expressed a strong belief in the divine purpose of creating male and female of every creature to fulfil an ordained purpose of procreation said, “anybody interested in this gay cat can have it because I have no further use of it.””

Bull is the first cat ever outed by it’s owner

9 tips to survive in Lagos


9 tips to survive in Lagos

9 tips to survive in Lagos

Whether you are just stopping by, passing through or you are here to stay, it would be wise to live by these rules if you want to  survive even for a day.

1. Welcome to Lagos

1. Welcome to Lagos

As you are driving into Lagos from the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway at the end of the boundary between the state and Ogun State, you are welcome by three statues conspicuously telling you that you are now in Lagos and that you must drop every unacceptable habit you picked up on your way because, well, this is Lagos.

That is to tell you that in Lagos you must abide the rules of the city or you are on your own. Here, no one tells you to behave yourself, because you must have noticed right from the first bus stop that you are in no man’s land and you must, like we say here,’shine your eyes’ or else, you will be on your way back to your village.

2. The law officers are not your friend

2. The law officers are not your friend
Any other place, you are told that law enforcement agents, that is, the police, army, navy and air force personnel, are your friends but in Lagos, the likes of KAI, LASTMA, Man O’War, private security, the National Union of Road Transport Workers, even the Mallam guarding your gate, are not your friends at all.

If you are new in Lagos and you miss your way, just walk to a policeman and ask for directions. If you are going from Ikeja to Surulere, you may end up in Apapa due to their misleading directions.

If you are driving and miss your way and see LASTMA officials coming your way, my friend, take off as fast you can because they are not coming to help out of your problems but to compound your problems by imposing different kinds of crazy charges on you, even when they know you do not build cars.

3. Run before you ask questions

If you are walking along the streets of Lagos and you see people suddenly running in different directions, be wise enough to join them. Do not ask questions! Just run for safety before finding out what is happening.

It is better to be safe than be a victim. If you are one of those doubting Thomases, you could well end up in the police cell or even in prison for ‘not running’ when others did. I have seen it happen, so I am warning you!

4. Get off the road

4. Get off the road

If you want to get home alive, be wise enough to get off the road when you hear the siren of speeding convoys, blaring to high heavens, telling mere mortals like us that they are above the law. These could be the police, military, government official, traditional rulers or even private security outfits or the general overseer of a church.

They own the roads and if you do not get out of their way fast enough, you stand the risk of having your car’s windscreen or side mirror broken and if you as much as try to complain, you will be given the beating of your life. After all, you are a bloody civilian, so there is nothing you can do about it.

5. The landlord is king

Guys, this is a very important lesson you have to learn in the art of survival in Lagos. Your landlord is king, no matter the kind of apartment you live in. It does not matter if the house is a dilapidated, decrepit and ramshackle shanty, he is still the owner of the house.

Even if he inherited it from his forefathers who built it in 1902, know that the cost of building materials have increased since then and you just have to pay for the increase. It does not matter if he has not carried out any repair works in the house in the past 17 years, if you cannot pay, pack up, simple.

6. Beware of free gifts

If you love free things, then you have to stay away from our City of Excellence because here, ‘awuf dey run belle’. In fact, there is no such thing as free gifts in Lagos and if you are one of those who believe you can roll along and live by free things, you will not find any succor in Lagos.

Let me give you this example. There was this young man who came to Lagos some time ago and decided to live on free things. What happened was that where he lived, there was a quiet and unassuming fraudster who became his friend. Whenever the ‘smart’ guy did some scam runs, he placed the amount in the guy’s bank account until the Economic and Financial Commission (EFCC) cottoned on to the scams and swooped in on the owner of the account.

The real fraudster scampered to God knows where, leaving the poor chap to explain how he came about the large sum in his account. By the time he could explain himself, he had spent two years in detention and by the time he came out, he had learnt a very bitter lesson and had to move back to his village.

7. Don’t argue with a market woman

7. Don't argue with a market woman

The first rule of survival I learnt in Lagos was never to argue with a typical market woman. If you are as foolish as I was then, you will ignore this rule but be sure you are doing it at your own risk.

Lagos market women have caustic tongues like soda and they do not hide it at all. When they know you do not understand Yoruba language, they will insult you, your family, and even generations unborn. While are doing this, they will still smile and interject each abuse with some friendly banter in a smattering of English language, making you think they are actually joking with you.

Do not be deceived, those women are coached and tutored in the art of insults

8. Beware of ‘One Chance’ buses

If you are unfortunate enough to leave your house as early as 05:00 am to chase after buses, please do be very careful because not all the buses are meant for people. Especially if you see an almost empty bus or a bus where other ‘passengers’ are sitting strategically in different scattered positions. Take a detour and do not jump into it or else you may likely fall a victim of what we call ‘One Chance’ bus.

The driver and other occupants are likely to be armed robbers, aptly called ‘Catch on the Air’ robbers. Their modus operandi is to gather the passengers they can get, rob them while the bus is on top speed and push the unlucky passenger out of the speeding bus. Many have met their deaths through the ‘One Chance’ buses.

9. Never fight with a Lagos conductor

9. Never fight with a Lagos conductor

A very important rule of survival in Lagos is to try, at all cost, to avoid any physical combat with a bus conductor. It does not matter if the guy is the conductor of a ‘Kombi’ bus, a ‘Faragon’ bus or a ‘Molue’ bus, just shun them by all means.

It does not matter if a conductor loses five front teeth in a fight with you, he is always the winner. Don’t think you can easily dust them, which you probably can. They will come out smelling like roses and people will eventually blame you for engaging in a fight with a low life.

So no matter the provocation, let them be. And in fact, if the fight involves the balance of your fare, let them keep it.

Cocoa Pickers To Sue Nestle Over Child Slavery

     African Headlines

A long-running case involving chocolate maker Nestle and people who worked in cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast has taken a big step up. A judge decided that the case can be heard in a Californian court, following a ruling last year which allowed U.S. firms to be sued in domestic courts for foreign transgressions. The crime in this case was not minor: three men, with the backing of a global charity, is suing Nestle and two other companies for turning them into child slaves, writes CorpWatch. The men say they were lured into the Cote d’Ivoire plantations with promises of good jobs, but instead found themselves working long days, often under gunpoint. The men, at the time not even teenagers, were allegedly regularly whipped and kept prisoner. But the case represents thousands of people treated this way and has pushed for a U.S. court, saying that Ivorian courts are too corrupt to be trusted. Nestle, one of the defendants has signed an agreement of conduct after the abuse claims came to light, but investigators say it has failed to implement any meaningful change.

Herbalist in prison for alleged homosexuality

prison bars: Image by Andrejs Zemdega/Getty Images

A Makurdi Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday remanded herbalist, Tarvhi Nyitse, in prison custody for alleged homosexuality.

Nyitse (30) resides in Naka in Gwer West Local Government Area of Benue.

Prosecutor James Zungwe told the court that one Terzungwe Yev reported the matter at ‘D’ Division Police Station on 16 January.

Zungwe said that Yev told the police that his mother was sick and the accused who came to their neighbour’s house claimed he had the cure for the ailment.

Yev added that the herbalist then took him to the bush to get some herbs to treat his mother.

“He reported that he was surprised when the accused pounced on him there in the bush and forcefully had sexual intercourse with him through his anus.

“During police investigation, the accused was arrested and charged with unnatural offence punishable under Section 284 of the Penal Code,” he said.

However, the plea of the accused was not taken.

The prosecutor said that investigation into the matter was ongoing, and asked for an adjournment.

The Magistrate, Mrs Lillian Terseer-Tsumba, adjourned the case to 26 February, for further mention.

Man receives 20 lashes for being gay in Bauchi – BBC report


According to a report by the BBC, a 20 year old man in Bauchi received 20 lashes seven years after he stopped being gay.

A Nigerian man has received 20 lashes after an Islamic court in the northern city of Bauchi convicted him of homosexual offences.

Under Islamic law, courts can punish homosexual acts by stoning to death.

But the judge said he took into account that the Muslim man, Mubarak Ibrahim, 20, carried out the acts seven years ago, and had stopped the practice.

In Nigeria, homosexual acts are illegal under both Islamic and secular law and restrictions have been tightened.

Earlier this month, President Goodluck Jonathan signed into law a bill which bans same-sex marriages, gay groups and shows of same-sex public affection.

The new legislation applies throughout Nigeria.
Most states in the predominantly Muslim north of Nigeria have adopted Islamic law, known as Sharia, since the end of military rule in 1999.

Along with Mr Ibrahim, 11 other Muslims and a Christian man were arrested last month accused by the authorities of being homosexuals.

He was also ordered to pay a fine of about $30 (£18).

Mr Ibrahim told the BBC he was relieved that Judge Nuhu Muhammad had been lenient on him and had not sentenced him to death.

The BBC’s Ishaq Khalid was in court when Mr Ibrahim was lashed with a whip, made of animal skin smeared with oil.

Mr Ibrahim, who had pleaded guilty to the charge, was ordered to lie on a bench, and an official whipped his back in front of a packed courtroom, our correspondent says.

Mr Ibrahim screamed in pain while being lashed, but was able to walk afterwards, he adds.

The trial of two other men was adjourned to 23 January.

The fate of the nine other men arrested on the same charge is unclear but on Wednesday the Sharia Commission in Bauchi said the Christian would be tried by a “conventional court”, not an Islamic court.

TB Joshua enters anti-gay law debate

tb joshua

Prophet TB Joshua has added his voice to the already heated debate over Nigeria’s new anti-gay law.

Pulse reports that the prophet expressed his opion on his Facebook page.

He posted the following:

Judge not, so that you will not be judged; (Matthew 7:1). We should talk to people to be saved and not to die. I mean, we should talk salvation, not condemnation. The Bible is my standard.

If my parents were one, (gays), I would not have been given birth to.

Those that are asking this question, if your parents were one, you would not have been given birth to.

You that are reading me, if your parents were one, you would not be reading this today.

God bless the reader and the hearer.

Nigeria anti-gay law ’ll fuel violence –UN Secretary General

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
Ban Ki-moon

United Nations’ Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed deep concern on Wednesday at a new Nigerian law that criminalises same-sex relationships, which he fears could fuel prejudice and violence and risks obstructing an effective HIV/AIDS response.

The bill, which contains penalties of up to 14 years in prison and bans gay marriage, same-sex “amorous relationships” and membership of gay rights groups, was passed by the National Assembly last May and signed into law by President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday.

“The Secretary-General fears that the law may fuel prejudice and violence, and notes with alarm reports that police in northern Nigeria have arrested individuals believed by the authorities to be homosexuals, and may even have tortured them,” Ban’s press office said in a statement quoted by Reuters.

As in much of sub-Saharan Africa, anti-gay sentiment and persecution of homosexuals is rife in Nigeria, so the new legislation is likely to be popular. Many African countries are seeking to tighten laws against homosexuality.

Under existing Nigerian federal law, sodomy is punishable by jail, but this bill legislates for a much broader crackdown on homosexuals and lesbians, who already live a largely underground existence.

“As UNAIDS and the Global Fund noted in a statement yesterday, the law also risks obstructing effective responses to HIV/AIDS,” Ban said.